These are some of my favorite business tools that I personally use and truly love. I’ve categorized them so you can easily search for what you’re looking for. Click the images to go directly to the sites.

Marketing & Sales



Another one of my favorite tools. I’ve used several email marketing tools but by far ActiveCampaign wins. You can create easy automations, tags, and even have people subscribe to your list via SMS. Cool right?


Calendly is an easy to use scheduling system that syncs with your calendar availability. Limit going back and fourth with customers simply by sending them a link. The best part is that it’s free to start


Ever want to get on a conference call with a client? UberConference is my favorite tool. It allows you to speak with someone like a regular conference call and gives you the ability to share & record your screen. Free to sign up.

Zoom Video Conference

Another one of my favorite conference call tools except this one is video conferencing. I love how seamless Zoom is to use. It’s free to start as well.

Content Creation


If you’re looking for a place to sell your digital products and courses Podia is for you. The customer service is amazing! Every week they’re adding new features to improve their product.


As a business owner we start accumulating so many tools, but a lot of them don’t necessarily “work” together. However, Zapier is that tool that allows to integrate all of them with each other without it being so messy. For example I can use it with ActiveCampaign Trello and Calendly all together.

Love using everything Google. The fact that you can create, sheets, presentations, and documents in one place makes life so much easier when trying to organize your life. This is what I use to store my SOPs, Design Assets, and other important files.


By far the best form experience ever. I wasn’t a huge fan of other form or survey platforms so when I found Typeform I was like finally. Something the creates a way better “form filling” experience.

Website & Domain 


If you’re like me and have a million ideas. You’re probably purchasing domain names all the time for just in case. NameCheap is just that cheap. You can get domain names for as little as $0.88.

Creative Market

Looking for stock images to post on your IG so you’re not always pressed about content. Creative market is the best place. You can find images, stock photos and more.

Project Management



Having a busy life means you have to find a way to be efficient and effective. Trello is one of my favorite project management tools. It’s easy to use and absolutely free. You can use it to manage your day to day and even any upcoming trips.


Another great project management tool. It’s an amazing tool when you’re working with a team to achieve a common goal. Teamwork allows you see see progress beyond just a task. This is what I use with my clients

*Disclaimer: Some of these links may contain affiliates which means that I will receive some type of compensation for you signing up for these services.

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